Our ingredients for: Desserts | Toppings | Ice Cream

Our ingredients for: Desserts | Toppings | Ice Cream
Antioxidants Ascorbic acid
Emulsifiers MG & DMG saturated, unsaturated, self emulsifying | PGE & PGMS | LACTEM | RSPO – palm variants in MB & SG | Rapeseed and Sunflower qualities
Flavours Vanillin | Ethyl vanillin|Vanillia Powder
Hydrocolloids Alginates | Carrageenan | Guar gum | Locust bean gum | Konjac gum & Konjac glucomannan | Xanthan gum | CMC, MCC
Lecithin Sunflower | Soya | Rapeseed | liquid, de-oiled & on carrier | GMO – free
Sweeteners Dextrose syrup /Powder| Glucose syrup /Powder | Iso-glucose /Powder | Fructose syrup /Powder | Stevia sugar

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